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Long Covid: Information gaps and the safety implications

Patient safety concerns for Long COVID patients

2020: Advice and support for people living with Long COVID

Long Covid Minister needed to respond to growing crisis

Support for Long COVID patients visiting their GP

Long Covid Minister needed to respond to growing crisis

Clear NHS plan needed to reassure Long COVID patients

NHS announces five-point package to support Long Covid patients

Support available at Long COVID clinics must reflect the wide variety of symptoms

Patient Safety Learning calls for urgent action to ensure Long COVID patients are heard and supported

Patient Safety Learning calls for the NHS to publish details of post-COVID clinics

How we improve patient safety

the hub

Keeping ALL patients safe in the midst of COVID-19

Covid-19 and social care: we must act now to ensure patient safety

Home births, fears and patient safety amid COVID-19

Your voice matters: how it’s shaping our work in non Covid-19 care and patient and staff safety

CQC insight on Covid-19 and adult social care: our reflections for patient safety

The return of elective surgery and implications for patient safety

Covid-19, patient safety and returning to 'normal'

Patient Safety Learning calls for the Government to redesign health and social care with patient and staff safety at its core

Patient Safety Learning welcomes IPPR’s new Injury Prevention Policy

Confusion over PPE guidance poses a patient safety risk

Does the NHS People Plan do enough to tackle the blame culture?

Why is staff safety a patient safety issue?

Select Committee calls for urgent action to tackle the care and treatment backlog

2020: The conversation changed but our goals did not

2020: Raising awareness about painful hysteroscopies

2020: Encouraging staff to speak up

2020: The Cumberlege Review

Dangerous exclusions: The risk to patient safety of sex and gender bias

Reflections on the CQC’s new strategy

A year on from the Paterson Inquiry: Reflections on the Government’s initial response

How digital technology and data can support a global movement for patient safety

Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland: Consultation Response

Patient Safety Learning nominated for human factors award

Becoming ‘a patient focused regulator’? MHRA Patient and Public Involvement Strategy

Six patient safety priorities for the new Health Secretary

Patient Safety Commissioner for England: Consultation Response

Tackling the care and treatment backlog safely: Part 1

2021: Covid-19 - the ongoing impact of the pandemic on patient and staff safety

Beds, backlog and bureaucracy

Medicines, research and female hormones: a dangerous knowledge gap

Rejected outpatient referrals are putting patients at risk and increasing workload pressure on GPs

“A perfect storm”: The global impact of the pandemic on patient safety

The hub 3 years on: celebrating our achievements

Why healthcare needs to operate as a safety management system: In conversation with Keith Conradi

Patient Safety Spotlight special: The team share their patient safety reflections from 2022

Patient safety impact of hospital bed shortages

World Patient Safety Day 2023

Looking back at the last 12 months in patient safety

Sixth Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety: Bringing and sustaining changes in patient safety policies and practice

A platform for anyone with an interest in patient safety to share and learn from one another. Learn more.

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