Our Partners Programme

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We all have a role to play in promoting and delivering safer care; one that’s not just restricted to care providers.

In addition to welcoming general support and collaboration, we have also developed a Partners Programme that’s been designed specifically to connect Patient Safety Learning with business, and business with Patient Safety Learning.

We are looking to establish and grow mutually beneficial, strategic relationships with a range of organisations across the medium to long-term.

In turn, this will enable our Partners to access our expertise, knowledge-base, resources and network. Helping us both unlock shared value and meet our respective business objectives.

By joining forces with Patient Safety Learning you will enjoy the following benefits and be able to:

  • play a meaningful role in the patient safety community, while helping to drive delivery of a patient-safe future;
  • develop more effective patient safety skills and capabilities through access to our in-house expertise, plus network of specialist consultants and advisers;
  • support your growth strategy via our network and online presence – reaching new customers, audiences and stakeholders, while enhancing existing relationships;
  • strengthen the presence and profile of your business, increasing your communications, marketing and PR effectiveness, plus more strongly differentiating your brand;
  • improve your Corporate Social Responsibility credentials and delivery of Purpose;
  • add greater meaning to how you engage with and motivate your people.

A platform for anyone with an interest in patient safety to share and learn from one another. Learn more.

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