Practical support for improvement and impact

Our Standards are practical and outcomes-focused, not a tick-box methodology. Their role can vary depending on where an organisation is on its patient safety journey and what its ambitions are.

A stand-alone self-assessment resource

A stand-alone self-assessment resource

One of the main objectives behind our development of the Standards was to provide an easy-to-use, stand-alone patient safety resource.

The Standards enable organisations to self-assess their current patient safety performance, identifying both strengths and weaknesses. The outputs can form the basis for a comprehensive patient safety strategy, as well as the foundations for evidence-based improvement programmes.

Additionally, Patient Safety Learning’s consultants and advisers are available to provide implementation assistance, as well as interpretation guidance around the Standards and tailored to an organisation’s specific needs.

A core driver for patient safety improvement

A core driver for patient safety improvement flow chart

The Standards can also fulfil a much broader role, underpinning and helping to direct a systems-wide change framework.

Supplemented by Patient Safety Learning’s suite of consulting products and services, the Standards can inform and improve all aspects of an organisational patient safety improvement programme. This can include senior leadership awareness, understanding and commitment; staff education, training and delivery; internal and external communications and engagement. All supported by resources and guidance on wider patient safety-related issues.

Client experience demonstrates that working in partnership with Patient Safety Learning and supported by our Standards can contribute significantly to success. (Click here for the GOSH case study.)

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