How you can access our standards

At their simplest, the Standards come in two printed forms: a manual defining ‘What Good Looks Like’ for patient safety, plus supporting summary reference booklet.

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The manual details every aspect of our safety Foundations, Aims and constituent Standards and explains what an organisation must do to deliver against the requirements of each. In particular, it covers the necessary, supportive outputs and evidence, as well as desired outcomes and behaviours that an organisation will wish to see as a result.

Each of the Standards is identified against our three-level Accreditation Framework ranking of: Essential; Enhanced; Exemplary.

The summary booklet that accompanies the manual can be used as a quick reference guide, high-level practical evaluation aid, or training support component.

A core resource for using our Standards is our unique, easy-to-use online self-assessment toolkit.

Pre-populated with our patient safety Foundations, Aims and Standards, the toolkit includes all necessary and supportive evidence-based outputs, plus desired outcomes and behaviours.

It has been designed to capture self-assessment scores, as well as record the basis of assessments, identify goals for improvement and enable relevant documentation to be uploaded. A specific feature is its ability to act as an actions-planning tool, supporting the development of improvement plans, as well as outcome and measurement frameworks.

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