How we improve patient safety

Patient Safety Learning is a charity and independent voice for system-wide change. We promote the reduction of avoidable harm in the following ways.

Putting words into action

    For the patient-safe future to become a reality, instead of focusing on responding to harm, healthcare needs to design for safety and to move from being reactive to become proactive in keeping patients safe.

    As outlined in our report, A Blueprint for Action, we identify action needed on six evidence-based foundations of safer care. These are:

    1. Shared learning
    2. Leadership
    3. Professionalising patient safety
    4. Patient engagement
    5. Data and insight
    6. Culture
    Our six foundations for safer care

    Through our policy, influencing and campaigning

    Systemic change is only possible when all stakeholders are engaged. We listen to the voices and insights of those on the frontline – staff and patients – and we apply evidenced-based research and insights to highlight patient safety challenges so that gaps can be identified and addressed.

    Here are some of the ways we influence and campaign for safer care:

    Developing and promoting ‘how to’ resources

    This includes:

    • Shared learning: Designed with input from patient safety professionals, clinicians and patients, the hub is our free shared learning platform for patient safety. It provides a powerful combination of tools, resources, stories, ideas, case studies and good practice to anyone who wants to make care safer for patients.
    • Organisational standards for patient safety using the evidence-based foundations in A Blueprint for Action. The introduction of patient safety standards will enable health and social care organisations to apply evidence-based criteria for evaluating, managing and improving patient safety performance. Patient Safety Learning has used 20 years of evidence from reports, inquiries, policy guidance and more to create its foundations for patient safety that will be the basis for our new patient safety standards. We will launch these standards with an associated accreditation framework in 2021.

    A platform for anyone with an interest in patient safety to share and learn from one another. Learn more.

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