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In a short period of time, Patient Safety Learning has grown from little more than an idea, to become the pre-eminent ‘voice and force’ for patient safety in the UK, with a growing and significant international reputation.

Today, we are recognised by our extensive network and stakeholder-base as a leading advocate, influencer and authority on change.

We not only bring unparalleled know-how to patient safety, but have also developed a suite of ground-breaking products and services. These include the creation of organisational patient safety standards and a three-level accreditation framework.

One of our most significant developments has been the creation of the hub, the world’s first patient safety learning platform and resource centre. This has enabled Patient Safety Learning to establish a significant online presence, attracting over 2,800 members, across 78 countries from 980 organisations.

the hub - membership breakdown

We are now looking to scale-up our activities through increased help and investment from our supporters and partners, both existing and new.

A platform for anyone with an interest in patient safety to share and learn from one another. Learn more.

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