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Improving hysteroscopy safety

Guidance for outpatient hysteroscopy: Consultation Response

Minister acknowledges patients’ concerns about painful hysteroscopies; but will action be taken?

Ministers respond to patients’ concerns about painful hysteroscopies: Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

2020: Raising awareness about painful hysteroscopies

Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland: Consultation Response

Patient Safety Spotlight special: The team share their patient safety reflections from 2022

The hub 3 years on: celebrating our achievements

2021: The importance of patient engagement for patient safety

2021: Health inequalities and patient safety

2021: Creating collaborative spaces for patient safety

Patient Safety Commissioner for England: Consultation Response

Becoming ‘a patient focused regulator’? MHRA Patient and Public Involvement Strategy

How we improve patient safety

Reflections on the CQC’s new strategy

Dangerous exclusions: The risk to patient safety of sex and gender bias

Is pain a patient safety issue?

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