Patient Safety Learning and Nutshell Communications host successful workshop for staff safety

  • 17th September 2020

The theme for this year's World Patient Safety Day is 'Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety'.

In the build up to this special day, we've been interviewing staff from across the health and care system, to ask for their insights into staff safety and how it impacts patient safety.

But today on World Patient Safety Day, we're delighted to release a short video, giving you a glimpse into an online workshop we held in partnership with Nutshell Communications on 7 September.

The intimate, highly participative event, known as Whose Shoes?, was attended by staff in health and care and patients, as part of our work around World Patient Safety Day. During the event, different scenarios - crowdsourced by real people - were discussed. The purpose of the event was for staff and patients to get together and openly talk about their personal experiences around key issues in staff safety and how they impact patient safety.

Patient Safety Learning Chief Executive, Helen Hughes, commented:

"We were delighted with our collaboration with Whose Shoes. It’s an impressive approach to provide the space and support to consider real-life scenarios and hear people’s responses and personal experiences. It’s the first time we’ve done this and we want to do more! We’ve captured insights and pledges for staff safety improvement that will inform our work and the change we all want to see for safer healthcare."

Please enjoy this short video, giving you a glimpse into the event and an example of one of the scenarios we discussed:

Graphic recorder Anna Geyer of New Possibilities produced visual minutes of the event, which you can view on the hub. You'll also find a reflective summary, created after the event by graphic recorder Carrie Lewis, New Possibilities.

Towards the end of the event, each attendee identified a pledge - some action they would take as a result of what they'd learnt. Our own pledge is to use the learning we gained during the event, along with insights from our World Patient Safety Day interviewees, and build it into the work we're doing at Patient Safety Learning and the hub.

Visit our World Patient Safety Day section on the hub, where you can find the various interviews we've had leading up to the day, as well as the visuals from our Whose Shoes event.

Interviews include:

We would love to hear your own views and experiences around staff safety and patient safety. If you're not already registered on the hub, you can do so quickly and easily.

Register today and share your thoughts with us.

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