Patient Safety Learning welcomes Patient Safety Watch's focus on research and data

  • 9th October 2019
Jeremy Hunt

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We welcome today's announcement by Jeremy Hunt MP that he is setting up a new charity, Patient Safety Watch. At Patient Safety Learning we are committed to providing an independent voice for improving patient safety and collaborating with healthcare organisations, charities and patients to drive system-wide change.

In our report, A Blueprint for Action, we set out the six foundations of safe care for patients and the practical actions needed to deliver these. Improved data and insight is one of these foundations and has a key role to play in helping to raise patient safety standards across health and social care. Highlighting examples of good practice and shortfalls in patient safety performance is needed not to blame, but to learn and improve. Patient Safety Watch's proposed focus on improving research and reporting into levels of patient safety incidents and avoidable harm in the NHS can play an important role in making the case for improvement and change. We look forward to working with Patient Safety Watch and on the actions needed to make the patient-safe future a reality.


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