Improving patient safety at the national level

  • 29th April 2019
Salford presentation

On 23 April in Salford, our Chief Executive, Helen Hughes, spoke at Patient Safety Conference: Improving Quality and Outcomes, held by ONECPD, the training arm of Salford Professional Development.

Titled 'Reviewing Priorities to Improve Patient Safety at the National Level', Helen's presentation showed attendees why new thinking and action for patient safety is needed, and how Patient Safety Learning is helping to create the patient-safe future.

Helen enjoyed a positive reception, and was particularly excited about participants' enthusiastic support for the themes and actions from our upcoming report, A Blueprint for Action. "It was also great to see people's interest in the hub [our new online learning platform], and their willingness to engage as contributors," she said.

Helen was delighted to see a number of "excellent presentations" at the event, adding, "I personally learned a lot from Neal Jones' session on human factors and patient safety, Christine Burkett's on social care and safety, and Susan Hrisos' on patient engagement and involvement for safer care."

Helen will next be speaking at the Innovating Patient Safety Summit 2019 in London.

View Helen's full presentation.


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