Health Plus Care conference welcomes ideas put forward by our new report

  • 3rd July 2019

Patient Safety Learning enjoyed a strong presence this year at the Health Plus Care conference, held in London on 26 and 27 June.

Chief Executive Helen Hughes presented on four occasions, focusing on key themes we propose in our new report, A Blueprint for Action. In one presentation she spoke about A Blueprint for Action overall, discussing the thinking and practical actions we propose for patient safety. She also presented on three of our six foundations of safer care for patients, namely patient engagement, leadership and shared learning.

In Helen's presentation on shared learning, she was joined by our Associate Director of Patient Safety, Claire Cox. The highlight of this presentation was news about our online learning platform, the hub, which we soft launched this week at Patient Safety Congress.

    Helen was also asked to join two panel discussions: "How can patients be active participants in their own safety within healthcare?" and "What are the barriers to becoming the best healthcare system in the world at patient safety?"

      Helen commented: "The conference was well-attended, with occasionally standing room only at the sessions. Delegates showed much interest in the practical actions we need to take to improve safety. It became clear, in Q and A discussions, that there is excellent work happening. I’m delighted that Patient Safety Learning’s the hub will be a valuable resource for sharing good practice. Delegates also gave examples of the challenges of working in a blame culture, and how 'learning from excellence' is a positive approach for tackling this."

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