Can you help us develop our new learning platform for patient safety?

  • 1st April 2019
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On 3 April, Patient Safety Learning will host a workshop in London to further our development of the hub, a new learning platform for patient safety. We are looking for people to join the workshop and help shape this vital piece of work.

the hub will encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and conversation across the whole health and care system, in the UK and beyond. It will allow for those in healthcare to learn quickly when things go wrong, and similarly to encourage peers to learn from one another through the sharing of success and good practice.

the hub is being designed as a suitable repository for patient safety solutions and ideas, process improvements, strategy development and early thinking that can be tested with colleagues in a safe environment. It will consist of both a content repository and a communities area to encourage conversation on topics important to users.

We have already started to develop a structure for the hub, based on the outcomes of previous workshops with a range of stakeholders, including patients and service users. Further workshops will be held to:

  • Develop the content structure further
  • Consider the structure of the community area
  • Look at how content is tagged to make it easy to find
  • Discuss how to make the site easy for patients and the public to use
  • Create user stories that can assist in developing the site and then testing it

Would you like to be involved in the hub and help us to improve shared learning for patient safety? If you're interested in attending this or any future workshop, please send an email to Clive at Patient Safety Learning.

You can also join Patient Safety Learning's meetup group and register for the workshops there.


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