High quality training in incident investigations and other aspects of patient safety is vital to allow healthcare organisations to learn, grow and change following avoidable harm.

The provision of training in these areas is a key objective of Patient Safety Learning. To help deliver this objective, Patient Safety Learning will partner with Consequence UK to design and deliver training in investigations and other related aspects of learning from things that go wrong in healthcare and social care.  

Consequence UK has an excellent reputation as an independent investigations consultancy and provider of effective investigations training to healthcare organisations. The values of Consequence UK and its founder Maria Dineen are closely aligned with those of Patient Safety Learning. We believe a partnership between the two organisations will be the most effective way of helping healthcare providers apply investigation methods appropriately and consistently to deliver investigations that meet the needs of patients, relatives, staff and the organisations themselves. 

We are planning to partner with a number of other leading patient safety organisations to develop and deliver a range of expert training. 

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