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How is the coronavirus affecting your care or treatment?

Are you a patient with an issue not related to the virus, and yet facing new challenges because of it?

The healthcare system is currently focusing its attention on the deadly effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), so the need to pay attention to patient safety is now more important than ever.

We need to understand the impact the virus could have on patient safety and identify system issues that need addressing quickly in order to prevent avoidable harm.

To do this, we believe it imperative that we listen to the concerns and experiences of patients, patients’ families and front-line clinicians.

Therefore, we’ve set up two dedicated areas on the hub so that we can hear from you, gather your insights and identify the effects of the pandemic on non COVID-19 patients and on patient safety:

  • Our COVID-19 area is updated regularly with resources, best practice and tips. Please make full use of all the information available, and share your own learning, data or insight with other members of the hub.
  • A dedicated coronavirus community area of the hub, where you can share your stories and start conversations with other members.

Share your personal story with us

We’re inviting you to post your story in the dedicated community area of the hub. We want to hear everyone’s stories, not just those who are directly suffering from COVID-19. We’re asking patients, carers, family members and friends to share their stories, highlight weaknesses or safety issues that need to be addressed and share solutions that are working.

We will be identifying themes and reporting to healthcare leaders with your insights. We want to help close the gaps that might emerge as everyone focuses on the pandemic.

If you’d like to share your story anonymously, or would like to seek help writing or sharing your story, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

If you're a patient, carer, family member or friend could you share with us...

Some details about you:

  • A personal snippet of your life, where you live and your personality (a photo would be great)
  • What part of the healthcare system do you access and for how long have you been using it?

The impact of the coronavirus on you:

  • What have you noticed that has been different now the crisis has started? e.g. outpatient appointments, collection of medication, GP appointments, cancellation of operations?
  • What impact has this had on you?
  • What are your fears about your long-term health problem in amongst the crisis?
  • Do you feel safe? Do you feel informed?
  • Contact details if you are happy to share these.

Highlight new areas of unsafe care:

  • What have you noticed that has been different now the crisis has started, e.g. outpatient appointments, collection of medication, GP appointments, cancellation of operations?

Aspects of healthcare that you previously considered safe but maybe no longer be so…

  • As a consequence of fewer staff, changes in ways of working, unclear new arrangements etc.

In cases of elective intervention and/or appointment being postponed…

  • Do you know the warning signs to call for help? Is there a hotline or urgent clinic for you to contact?

Positive stories as well as negative.

  • Has anything improved since the crisis? For example, has the use of digital/virtual interventions (accessing a GP) had a positive effect?

Or, if you’ve got an entirely different story to share, we want to hear from you too! The more opinions we hear, the more we’ll be able to learn from one another and improve patient safety.

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