Patient Safety Learning Awards

The Patient Safety Learning Awards is one of the ways Patient Safety Learning is improving shared learning. Shared learning is one of our six foundations of safer care for patients, along with leadership, professionalising patient safety, patient engagement, data and insight, and culture. You can find out more about each of these six foundations in our latest report, A Blueprint for Action.

Last year, we had seven categories, six of which were based on each of our foundations of safer care. The seventh award, the Patient Safety Learning Award, was an overall prize for the individual, team or organisation who our judges believed went above and beyond. Winners received a trophy, complimentary tickets to our conference and cash towards visiting a destination where they could learn more about patient safety.

We look forward to learning more about the visits our winners went on as part of their prize, and will share this information with you on the hub at a later stage.

Winners of the 2019 awards

  • Shared Learning Award: WE CARE
  • Professionalising Patient Safety Award: FallStop
  • Patient Engagement Award: Use of co-production to address immunosuppression prescribing errors
  • Data & Insight Award: Neptune drug test monitoring software
  • Culture Award: Malcolm's story and learning from incidents
  • Leadership Award: Ward D5
  • Patient Safety Learning Award: Homerton University Hospital Action Card App

To find out more about the winners and their exciting initiatives, please visit the hub. To chat with others on the hub about our awards, or anything else, or to share with the hub community an exciting initiative you're currently involved with or know about, you'll need to register. Registration is quick, easy and free. Visit

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You can also see photos of last year's awards on our 2019 conference page.

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